Hobby Horrors

It may have become clear that things domestic are not my forte.  So why I keep insisting on challenging myself to actually try to learn domestic skills and then implement them as a regular feature in my life is something of a mystery.  The latest attempt is to pull out my wool box and rummage…

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No spend month

As part of my self-directed and self-imposed self-improvement month, I am aiming to manage another no spend month.  This is a follow on from a decision I made a couple of months ago regarding the amount of money we were wasting on stuff that didn’t really matter. To be fair it isn’t a month where…

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Tomorrow is the final day of putting off tackling all the tasks on my list. I have an all-day meeting that will have me out of the house for the entire day.  My lovely mother-in-law is doing babysitting duty for me as Mr Oh Waily has had to be away for work this week.  All…

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The Details

Here we are at the nitty-gritty of Self-Improvement September.  What am I trying to improve?  Perhaps better stated as what am I not trying to improve. Just like many people, the regular grind of daily life has moved me inch by inch away from those things that mean the most to me – things which…

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