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Small changes

Can small changes really make all the difference? I’m inclined to believe they can.  I’ve been doing Morning Pages for the past week – only skipping yesterday and today – and I am finding myself drawn to more creative things.  I’ve been wanting to do some sewing with Miss Oh Waily so we’ve been to…

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SI Month – no-spend report

So, with the first full week back home under my belt, I can say we’ve done pretty well on most fronts.  It’s been a week of swings and roundabouts.  We’ve spent a bit more money in one area, but that’s been more than offset by underspending elsewhere. Next week it may turn out to be…

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October is the new September

Last month was meant to be a ‘get it all together’ month.  Lots of goals, good intentions and high-faluting words. Well, September is now meandering into the mental archives, and we are firmly in October.  The transition between months did not go particularly well in the Oh Waily household, as a very neat idea that I…

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