The Details

Here we are at the nitty-gritty of Self-Improvement September.  What am I trying to improve?  Perhaps better stated as what am I not trying to improve. Just like many people, the regular grind of daily life has moved me inch by inch away from those things that mean the most to me – things which…

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Nature’s Images

Here is the second installment of photographs. This time we widen the lens to a range of natural subjects, with water still featuring. While not strictly *nature*, you can certainly see nature at work on Kaitaki as she is making her way out of Wellington harbour.  Even on relatively nice days I sometimes think the…

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The Lost Art of My Photography

It feels like a ridiculously long time since I last took my camera out and about for more than the odd action shot of my little Oh Wailys running around the place.  So tonight I thought it was time to straighten that out. My first step is to bring all of my photographs back from…

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