Master Oh

5 Years Ago Today

Happy Birthday The smallest Oh Waily turns 5 years old today. It’s seems just like yesterday that you joined our crazy, mad family. We love you all the way to the moon and back, or perhaps nowadays all the way to Ninjago and back.

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I had noticed this local financial website being advertised on the television and thought I would finally get myself over to see what it had to offer. The piece I was interested in seeing first was about de-cluttering your home.  This is something I have been chipping away at for some time. We are not…

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Hobby Horrors

It may have become clear that things domestic are not my forte.  So why I keep insisting on challenging myself to actually try to learn domestic skills and then implement them as a regular feature in my life is something of a mystery.  The latest attempt is to pull out my wool box and rummage…

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