The Reading Year Ahead

 As is my usual choice at the beginning of most years, I have set myself a reading target.  It’s a tradition.  This year I chose the total of 24 books, so roughly two per month.  In an uncharacteristic show of realism, I went with the more likely result than a number that would stretch me.…

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Dodger – Terry Pratchett

You might have noticed that any mention of books and reading have lately been described in a fairly negative light here at Oh Waily Waily. This is, in my self-analysis, a result of trying to produce a book review every week, then every fortnight, then four every other month for the past two years.  Work…

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Small changes

Can small changes really make all the difference? I’m inclined to believe they can.  I’ve been doing Morning Pages for the past week – only skipping yesterday and today – and I am finding myself drawn to more creative things.  I’ve been wanting to do some sewing with Miss Oh Waily so we’ve been to…

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RRS: Of Mice and Men – John Steinbeck

Of Mice and Men is Book #608 on the 1001 Book List and #52 on the BBC Top 200 list.  This review was first published in April 2012. This novella was first published in 1937.  It is the story of two friends, George Milton and Lennie Small.  They are migrant farm workers, or bindlestiffs, going…

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