At the rugby

Lighthouses and Rugby

Last weekend I was lucky enough to get most of Saturday off courtesy of Mr Oh Waily.  I spent it walking and cheering. So that sounds like an odd combination, and it would be if I were doing it all in one activity, but no.  I didn’t.  Late morning I took myself off on a…

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Hello.  Remember me?  I used to blog here. Well, we’re back.  From holiday, that is.  I may even be rested enough that blogging becomes a regular habit again.  Maybe.  We’ll let time decide that one.  In the meantime, here is why I love our once a year holiday to Fiji.  In photographs. How we try…

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Gratuitous Holiday Photographs

As predicted earlier, gratuitous photographs of children on holiday. Miss Oh Waily and I went for an early morning stroll yesterday and between us we took some photographs to share.  They are mostly self-explanatory.  The first few are by Miss Oh Waily herself, the remainder I claim as my own. Every holiday we come here,…

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