Hello.  Remember me?  I used to blog here.

Well, we’re back.  From holiday, that is.  I may even be rested enough that blogging becomes a regular habit again.  Maybe.  We’ll let time decide that one.  In the meantime, here is why I love our once a year holiday to Fiji.  In photographs.

How we try to spend our time…


What Miss Oh wants the minute we land these days, but tougher to do with her new shorter ‘do…


One of my favourite natives, and by far the simplest to photograph…


And why having a room with a view is a nice way to end the day…

Fiji Sunset 1

Fiji Sunset 2

And for those who may be dubious about the redness of that last photograph – no I didn’t fiddle about with it in Lightroom, other than a small bit of cropping.

There may be a few more photographs to share later, but for now….


That’d be the sound of Ms Oh Waily feeling refreshed and relaxed.  It’s been a while since it was last heard around these parts.  A big thanks to Mr Oh Waily and Nana & Poppa Oh Waily for a great holiday where I didn’t have to be Mum all of the time.

Gratuitous Holiday Photographs

As predicted earlier, gratuitous photographs of children on holiday.

Miss Oh Waily and I went for an early morning stroll yesterday and between us we took some photographs to share.  They are mostly self-explanatory.  The first few are by Miss Oh Waily herself, the remainder I claim as my own.

Lumpy on Holiday

Lumpy on Holiday

Gardens by Miss OWW

Gardens by Miss OWW

The Sea by Miss OWW

The Sea by Miss OWW

Every holiday we come here, I like to walk down to the chapel on the corner and take a photograph.  Next month will be our eighth anniversary of marrying here.

The Chapel - 2012 Visit

The Chapel

Miss OWW at the Chapel

Miss OWW at the Chapel

And unlike our humble place of residence here on the island, the neighbours seem to like the furrowed sand look.  It seems to be fascinating to Miss Oh Waily here.

Miss OWW in the sand

Miss OWW in the sand

Then this afternoon while Master Oh Waily was having his sleep, the little miss and I headed down to our own, unfurrowed section of beach. I now understand the builders of the pyramids. Slave masters can be cruel little mistresses. Especially when forcing slaves to build moats to protect castles from oncoming wavelets. “We’ve* got to hurry!! Quick!! Quick!! Hurry!!”.
But, we are very good at decoration and shell finding. Slaves are very useful for digging, filling buckets and upending them to make Empress Oh Waily’s architectural treasures, however. Sadly, or gladly, I can confess to regressing to childhood and digging in the sand was great fun. Except when the dreaded wavelets breached the preliminary defences. By the end of the build we had a ditch and banking set up with a couple of drains to move the water away – well, sort of.

Sand Castles on the Beach

Sand Castles on the Beach

There will be more to come, just because Miss Oh likes to take photographs and because it means that it won’t be weeks before you hear from me again.

Yes.  I am enjoying my holiday.  Thanks for asking.  :)

* this would be the Royal “we”, in case you were wondering.

A Plethora of Anniversaries

I’m sure it has seemed quiet in this part of the blogosphere lately.  The month of August and, now, September brings with it a range of anniversaries that require Ms Oh Waily’s attention.

Back on August 17th my little girl, Miss Oh Waily, stopped being so little once again.  She turned four.  Although talking with her sometimes you would be forgiven for thinking there was a much older personality residing in that still delicate little body.
We were lucky to have Gran and Pop Oh Waily visit us for that week, and Miss Oh Waily lapped up all of the attention and the gifts.

Then just a little over a week later the Oh Waily family could celebrate their first full year of living in our capital city.  We have spent equal amounts of time on both sides of the large and beautiful harbour.  And we are most happy living here.  It will be something of a shame to remove ourselves back to Auckland when the time comes.

Then a matter of a few days ago, on the first day of Spring, my little boy turned two.  Where did that time go?  It doesn’t seem so long ago that he was a little babe in arms.  And now he is chattering away like there are not enough words in the world for him to learn and use.

But events do not slow down on our anniversary front, Gran Oh Waily has a birthday in a week and Auntie H has a milestone the following week.  It is certainly a celebratory time of year and just in time for the fine, crisp Spring weather to shine down on us.