Fantasy Triptych

I have been working on this for more years than I care to confess. It is not a small project, but the length of time it is taking is simply due to my lack of consistent stitching time.

I have a habit of doing several hours in a row on a weekend, once every 6 months or so. I am too embarassed to tell you how many *deadlines* I have set and studiously ignored over the last few years. But now, today, I have decided that posting progress photographs once a month might just might bring in the publicity factor that will stir me to regular, but restrained stitching sittings.

So here is the first photograph of my progress on Fantasy Triptych.

Fantasy Triptych – 1 June 2006

Originally uploaded by Twoflour.
If you want to see what it will end up looking like open this link.

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