Te Hera Estate Pinot Noir – 2004

As this is the first "Wine Review" I am doing here, I feel I should point out that I am in no way, shape or form an MW. This review process is a purely personal one, and solely from my own tastebuds' point of view. I will simply be telling you what I like and what I don't like. It's up to you to try the wine and see if we have similar tastes. Remember, don't give up after the first review. We may not like the same sort of Pinots, but we might love the same sort of Sauvignons.

On to the review:

The Wine:

Te Hera Estate Pinot Noir – 2004, Lightly oaked.
We purchased this wine recently, among a number of others yet to be tasted.
It cost us NZ$ 14.95 a bottle.
Online I have seen it priced at NZ$ 18.95 a bottle.

The winery is in the grape growing region of Martinborough.
Contact and a small amount of background details can be found courtesy of one of my favourite websites, Cuisine magazine.

Tasting notes:

None available.

The verdict:

It was a perfectly drinkable pinot noir, although I felt that it had a somewhat odd aftertaste. We are currently debating whether this is simply a figment of my imagination due to a long overdue return to drinking NZ Pinot Noir, or whether my tastebuds are picking up something completely different from John's. If you have to pay close to NZ$20 for this wine, then I would suggest that you bypass it in favour of one of your old favourites. At around NZ$15 a bottle I wouldn't feel hard done by or ripped off, just slightly disappointed.

2 thoughts on “Te Hera Estate Pinot Noir – 2004

  1. MW? Do midwives usually know about wine?

    For those of us abroad, what is a “typical” price for a supermarket bottle in NZ?

    P.S. I prefer the new theme; I assume it’s one of the stock WordPress.com choices (I don’t recall it)? I deleted my .com account after going DIY… and before you counter with “DIY?”: do it yourself 😉


  2. Not sure about the midwives, but I’d bet some money on a few of their clients wanting a couple of glasses of something stronger.

    “Typical” pricing is a bit difficult. You can certainly, depending on your personal tastes, get drinkable wine from NZ$10 up. Most decent wines will start at about the $15 mark though. And it will vary according to the grape variety that you want too.

    Personally I think some NZ wine is getting way too overpriced for what it is. I’m sorry to say that it encourages me to buy Australian wines. Often you get what you want in drinking quality for quite a few dollars less.

    As for the theme, it is a stock choice, although this particular one has the ability to change the image used including linking to one of your own making. It’s called Regulus.
    I thought the moon image was most appropriate and the colours much more restful. There are things I would fiddle with if I could get at the code, but I’m still not ready to commit to a full-on webhosting arrangement. :p


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