The Lord of the Rings – The Exhibition

This was one of the sightseeing events on our recent Wellington visit, courtesy of Te Papa.

I cannot recommend this enough. Even if the LOTR trilogy was the last thing you would possibly drag yourself along to the local Blockbuster to rent, seeing the intricate detail and effort that went into making these films is worth every penny of the entry fee.

As a LOTR fan, both book and films, who owns and has actually watched ALL the extended edition DVDs – including the documentary bits, this was great fun.

I just about choked on how much money someone must be making from the limited edition replica "Sauron gauntlet with One Ring" ornaments on sale, but boy are they and the replica swords the most amazing 'tourist purchases' I've ever seen on offer at an exhibition.

If you are able to get to it, visit Te Papa and take a look at the amazing craftsmanship and detail on each and every piece of clothing, prop, miniature and armoury item.

And enjoy the galleries of conceptual art that influenced the feeling and look of the movies. Much of which would not look out of place on your own walls at home.

And if you are feeling like playing the hobbit, spend the $5 on the forced perspective photograph. It's simple but very cute – just ask the kids who got to be bigger than their Dad !

It really is a piece of important film history in our own country. Enjoy it !

2 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings – The Exhibition

  1. Agreed; well worth it. We saw it in London. Sauron’s costume was on a pedestal to force you to look up… intended effect achieved. But my favourite was King Theo’s armour. Not costumes but works of art.

    I liked the design of Arwen’s sword so much I later bought a life-size replica off the net. It’s sharp too 😉


  2. I have to say that the orc hanging off the wall next to the cave troll was pretty creepy too.
    Agreed about Theoden’s armour, especially the stuff they did on the inside that no one except Bernard Hill and the costume department would see.

    The workmanship on Galadrial’s gown was eye-popping too. And it is fair to say that after seeing Strider’s travelling costume I believe completely that Viggo lived, breathed and existed in it for most of the filming.

    I was tempted by a couple of the helms they had for sale…maybe after we’ve done the renovations. 😉


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