Bladen Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc – 2004

The Wine:

Bladen Vineyard Marlborough 2004 Sauvignon Blanc.

We recently purchased this wine from Corporate Direct.
Online, it doesn't look like it's available from the winemaker.
It is touted as costing NZ$ 19 in this review by Geoff Kelly.
And at this online shop it's an absolute bargain at NZ$13.95 a bottle.

[Please note: I have NO affiliation with any of the websites or companies that are mentioned in this review.]

Tasting notes:

From Wine Uncovered:

Light straw in colour with a fresh, clean bouquet filled with aromas of gooseberry and white currants, hints of tropical passion fruit and capsicum to round off. The palate is dry and refreshing, showing the purity of fruit flavours that is unmistakably Marlborough, and shows good weight with a great balance and a long, crisp finish.

And from the Geoff Kelly review:

Initially opened there is a whisper of youthful sur lie sulphur and armpit, clearing acceptably quickly to good Marlborough sauvignon ripened to the red capsicums and black passionfruit stage. Palate is richly flavoured, judging dry, little or no oak contribution, just pure sauvignon. This could score higher in six months. Cellar 1 – 5 years, or longer if desired.

The verdict:

As I mentioned before, I’ve never been one for the floral language that winemakers and reviewers use, but I think Geoff Kelly might be a reviewer after my own heart.
I didn't get the sulphur and armpit odour as he did, but then I am drinking a bottle some 21 months later than he did.
John gets the passionfruit while I get light currants and general sweet fruitiness.

It is nice on the palate, strong but not overpowering, and despite the sweet nose suitably dry. The flavours linger and makes for a very satisfying mouth-feel.

I can say, with clear conscience, that this is a wine worth spending your money on. It won't blow your socks off, but if you get it for NZ$ 16 – $17 a bottle, you won't be horribly disappointed. If you get it for NZ$13 to $15 a bottle then I think you will be happy that you purchased it.

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