Kingston Estate Shiraz – 2005

The Wine:

Kingston Estate Shiraz 2005.
Another purchase from Corporate Direct for NZ$ 12.95 a bottle.

Tasting notes:

From the winemaker:

The wine has a deep crimson red-purple colour. The nose is reminiscent of dark cherry and plum with some eucalypt and pepper.

From the bottle label:

…with an abundance of plum, dark berry and cracked pepper flavours.

The full pdf file from the winemaker can be downloaded from the winemaker's website or you can click on the link below.

Kingston Estate Shiraz 2005 – Tasting Notes.

The verdict:

My first thought when I placed my nose in the glass was: 'blackberries'. I still don't get the cherry or plum thing. Maybe it's because I'm not a big eater of them. I got the eucalyptus though and I even managed the cracked pepper. This has to be the most accurate and comprehensible description of wine for my tastebuds and nose yet.

Anyway, it is a lovely warming winter wine. It reminded me of mulled wine in that wonderful spicy, throat warming, cozy-making sort of way. It is not too sharp or mouth-drying and the winemaker says it should cellar for 5 years.
On the whole this is a really nice, rounded wine.

I will be on the phone to Corporate Direct to book some more bottles of this wine, that's for sure. If it's available in your locale, take the time to try it out. If you get it at about NZ$ 12.95 a bottle, I'm sure you will be pleased.

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