A first choice on the in-flight movie selection recently.

This is a typical quirky French film, but with a Spanish turn. Starring Gerard Depardieu and Gad Elmaleh, it is about a French businessman and his Spanish chauffeur. The plot line is straightforward, with the chauffeur saving to build his home in Spain and the tycoon businessman treating him as a friend.

It is an odd relationship between the employer and employee, especially with the wives of each of the men. The tycoon is married to a hypochondriac, while the chauffeur’s wife is the cook. The couples behave more like family and friends than employer/employee. Arguing amongst themselves and playing golf together.

It was interesting viewing for the most part, but it was pretty much a no-brainer of a storyline. But the French seem to make a living producing films that have odd endings. And this film was no exception.
It was somewhat a let-down and I’m completely sure that the idea could have been made more of.

In this instance, easy watching on an aircraft, but don’t go out of your way for it otherwise.

A two out of five.

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