Family History: Beattie & Lunn

I thought it was overdue to add some more family groups, so today I have created the Beattie and Lunn family pages. Check for them under the Family History tab.

In the process of doing this I discovered that my attempts to hide the Sub Pages box on the Family History and Gastronomy pages meant that you couldn’t actually access the individual family and recipe pages at all.

So, I have compromised. I put up with the ugly sub-page box, and you get to see what I was wanting to share with you in the first place.

Hope you take the time to re-visit the pages, and enjoy the recipes.

Also, there will be more forthcoming about our Hong Kong trip, recently read books and viewed films. The delay is because I have been patiently (hah! yeah right!) waiting for our home broadband connection to be up and running.
Keep your fingers crossed for me – I’m now hoping that it will be all systems go (F.A.B. Virgil) tomorrow evening.

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