Hong Kong: Shopping Overkill

So, I’m not really the best person to be making any comment about shopping. Some would say I’m a traitor to my sex (if you believe that sexist codswallop) by not being the least bit interested in dragging myself from shop to shop to shop looking for the very best bargain ever.

Shopping is NOT a sport nor a hobby in my opinion.

But, if you are a sport-shopper, a hobbyist-shopper, or a hunter-down of couture goodies, then you will be in heaven in this city.

Shopping Centres here are actually big enough that in peak shopping hours, it is possible for novices (like myself) to get disoriented and actually lost for a short while.

I am not a useful source of comparative costs, mostly due to the fact that my shopping expeditions are usually carried out on the back of necessity rather than information gathering, however I am reliably informed by people who know about these things that:

  1. Hong Kong is not as cheap as it once was.
  2. Stanley Markets is the place to go if you do want bargains.
  3. If staying long enough, take a trip across the border into China – prices are better, but not quite of the same quality.

In my defence we did get a great price on a Samsonite travel case, probably saving close to NZ$100, and I did pick up a couple of really nice little shirts at an absolute steal on sale from a G2000 store in Central. Other than that, we weren’t really here for the consumerism experience.

I probably should have put some observations into my First Impressions comments as it is hard to divorce the night lights from the shopping experience. Nathan Road really is ablaze with light and product choice.
There are markets all over the city, including the Temple Street Night Markets quite close to Tin Hau Temple, and there are modern shopping malls that could be considered small towns in some parts of the world.

If you want airconditioned comfort in your shopping, I can recommend taking time to visit Harbour City on the waterfront of Kowloon (but not on a Saturday during the month-long July sales) or Pacific Place on Hong Kong Island. Otherwise it’s a case of hit the streets and enjoy the market experience and the constant “Would you like a Rolex?” or “Mens suits. Suits for the lady. Best quality.” from the street hustlers.

No matter what you want, you will be able to find it here. It might not be the price you want to pay, but it will be here.


(May your bank manager forgive you.)

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