Hong Kong: Images and Final Impressions


As I have stated elsewhere, I am a snapper of photographs for the most part.
But I really enjoy seeing good, well taken photographs. And I thought that as I haven’t really got any great photographs of my own to share with you, that I would put together a few links to give you an idea about the visual appeal of Hong Kong.

Final Impressions

On our last day in Hong Kong we decided to stay close to the hotel, as we needed to leave for the airport around midday. The good fortune of having stayed in Tsim Sha Tsui was being within a short walking distance of several Museums. On our earlier walks we had seen the Museum of Art advertising an exhibition of Etruscan artifacts and Early 20th Century Guangdong Painting.
As we come from the ends of the earth and most interesting exhibitions pass us by, we thought that it would be a good way to spend a few hours before heading home.

It turned out that a couple of hours was barely enough to make our way around the exhibitions. In the end the Chinese Jade and Gold exhibition took most of our interest and our time. The beauty and craftsmanship of the items on display was phenomenal, and it made the Etruscan artifacts look chunky by comparison.

If you love museums and art galleries then I would suggest that you set aside a minimum of half a day, or better yet a whole day, to wander through the Museum of Art. It is a nice way to see a little snippet of the vast story that is Chinese culture, civilization and history.

After walking back to the hotel we left for Hong Kong airport around midday, with a taxi driver who spoke some english. He turned out to be willing to indulge himself as a bit of a tour guide on our drive and so we gleaned more information about the city we were leaving. I’d suggest you try your luck and ask your taxi driver questions – you might find yourself with a chatty local who is willing to share their knowledge, even through broken and heavily accented english.

As we went through the usual customs and boarding procedures for the start of our flight home, it was clear to me that I was hooked. Wild horses wouldn’t keep me away. Hong Kong has become a repeat destination for me.
We saw only the very tiniest fraction of what the city has to offer, and as a taste-test it has convinced this traveller that she wants a bigger bite.

Look out Hong Kong – I’ll be back!

Oh Waily Waily’s Hong Kong Travel Series

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