High Five – Ken Blanchard & Sheldon Bowles

High Five! is another management book told in parable style. This time the lessons are about teamwork.

Alan Foster and an old highschool teacher, Miss Weatherby, are the central characters. Alan learns about teamwork after being fired from his job for not being a team player. He is brought into the coaching circle of his son’s ice hockey team and learns the skills of team building and team participation from the ancient and retired teacher/coach, Miss Weatherby.

We are taken through the journey of skill acquisition and application, although there are no specific examples of how certain steps are actually achieved. It is the only real downfall of the parable style, that the authors are telling a story and therefore do not give ‘examples’ for application in the real world.

In saying that, the concepts are imparted in a pleasant style and in a “feel-good” way. I would really like to see both Gung Ho and High Five followed up with real-life examples in a traditional management text format, as a further assistance to take the concepts into practice.

I enjoyed the read, got value from the concepts and will probably be adding this little book to my library.

Rating: 3 out of 5.


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