Fantasy Triptych – August Progress

This month’s update photograph mirrors the long working hours of recent weeks. As I have mentioned previously this is our busy time of year and although cross stitch is often a very soothing way to spend time, it also requires concentration (especially for a Teresa Wentzler design like this) otherwise a very tired mind/eyes/body may make mistakes. This isn’t a good look – mostly because you only tend to notice mistakes once you are fresh, awake and buzzing on caffeine. This may be several weeks after the initial cock-up. And this can lead to much frogging and swearing.

And no one needs to see or hear that !

So, here’s the updated photograph. Only changes are to the turret area, and very little of that.

Fantasy Triptych - August Progress

Now that the excessively busy few weeks are coming to an end, I’ve got my fingers crossed for a bit of progress in September. Check back at the beginning of October.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Triptych – August Progress

  1. That is really coming along wonderfully! I love Teresa Wentzler’s designs. I have done a few myself. This one is one of my favorites! Are you going to do the faces over 1? Lovely work!


  2. Hi Denise,
    Thanks for visiting. It has been a long drawn out process, but I love this design too, so I’m persevering.
    Yes, the faces will be done over 1. But like a coward, I’m leaving them until I’ve done the rest. I’m not looking forward to having a pronounced squint at the end of it all. 😉


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