A Change of Clothing

Do you feel like you’ve opened the wrong blog this morning?
Maybe you haven’t had your first cup of [insert beverage of choice] for the day, and you are wondering if your eyes have actually opened the whole way.

Nah. I’m just playing with you. On my Sunday spring clean day I decided that the old theme was just not me anymore. So it was out with the old and in with the new.

Choosing a new set of clothing for the old girl was fairly straightforward as it turned out. WordPress.com have their set choices, and if I want to have pages, then just like Cluedo I just eliminate the non-contenders. No dagger in the library for this Miss Scarlet.

I like minimalistic websites and blogs as I have mentioned before, so Light turned out to be my only real alternative. But I am happy with the change so far. Only time will tell if I get fed up looking at this too. But since the lovely WordPress team seem to be rolling out improvements regularly, including adding new themes, I’m sure I will not be waiting long should I want to fiddle with things.

Got an opinion on the change? Feel free to leave a comment.

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