Skinny Bitch – Kim Barnouin & Rory Freedman

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Before you wonder about the title of this post, be assured that I am still family friendly (this book title being an exception).

And as it turns out, this book intends to be family friendly too.
It’s catch line is:

A no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!

The language used in the book is blunt, often crude and probably offensive to many. I’m betting that this is a book that you get the point of the language choices of the authors or you don’t. Personally I decided to get this book out of the library after coming across and reading the first chapter on the internet. I laughed so hard tears streamed down my face.

Despite it’s name and the catch line angling for those looking to trim down and shape up, it is actually quite an interesting read from the perspective of what you feed yourself and your family. If I lived in the USA I would be very keen on following up on a number of the claims made throughout this book. And to be frank, I would be pretty worried about my food options.
I was particularly bemused and horrified about the section of the book that dealt with the FDA approval of aspartame.
As it is, I don’t live in the USA, and I am now interested in looking into food safety issues here in NZ.

Please note that there is at least one chapter that will make your stomach turn, but I have to agree with the quote used from Linda McCartney in association with this section:

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we’d all be vegetarians.

It is a mix of absolute common sense – soft drinks are “liquid Satan” and suggestions that will probably rub against the grain like ditching meat and dairy from our food choices.

I would recommend that you grit your teeth and read this book.
Even if you have no interest in losing weight, vegetarianism or veganism, you do eat food and therefore it doesn’t hurt for you to be prodded out of your cosy reliance on “the government” to protect your health.

In my own business life I know not all products are created equal, and that “the government” we all rely on to keep us safe doesn’t actually do what we would logically expect them to do on our behalf – that is, make sure that the highest standards possible are applied in our best interests. In fact, the opposite could be said. I often wonder if governments go for the lowest common denominator, the least cost and the bare minimum standard.

Cynical? You bet. As the ladies of Skinny Bitch say, “Trust no one.”

My rating: 4 out of 5.
My reasons:

  • I read this book in less than 4 hours (190 pages)
  • It made me revisit my choice to revert to flesh eating.
  • It made me realise that I take important things – like my food, and therefore my health – for granted.
  • It provoked me. I love milk and cheese – how could they be bad for me?
  • It lost a star because I think the language will alienate as many people as it attracts.


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