Springing into Spring

I love this time of year.
It is easily my favourite season.
Not that I have anything against the other three you understand, but how can you go wrong with the stirrings of growth, renewal and warmth?

This was brought home to me last weekend as I lazed in the car at Wattle Bay while John went for a wander around the coastline looking for a place to fish from. This lovely and quiet spot is right at the top of the Awhitu Peninsula and just around the coast from the entry to the Manukau Harbour.

Sunday was a beautiful Spring day, sunny and warm. There was a light breeze coming off the harbour and small fluffy clouds were gliding along overhead. The locals headed down to the beach to enjoy the start of the warm seasons. And clearly this was a spot for fishermen, with at least a dozen rod carrying bodies passing by in the two hours we were there.

I had a fantastic view across the Harbour to the Waitakere Ranges and there was that beautiful country silence – just the water lapping up on the beach, terns swooping by and the breeze. Days like that just remind me how great it is to live here, and how much Spring gives me a sense of promise and future greatness.

I had come prepared with books and a thermos of coffee, as you never quite know how long a fishing expotition is going to be and how far from good coffee it might take you. And as we had missed the tides by a matter of half an hour or so, I settled into the passenger seat of the car and lapped up the sunlight in an inspired moment of Spring-warmth-dozing, while John perservered with his fishing.

I can’t recommend highly enough the practice of finding time in a peaceful, beautiful place to lie back and contemplate the world. It’s like Spring Cleaning for the spirit.

After a couple of hours John decided it was time to pack up the rods and head on home. We took the long road back to Waiuku, which turned out to be a good decision as we drove past a number of wonderful photo opportunities and then ended up at the Signal Station at the entrance to the Harbour. And by good luck we were there a day after the new replica Lighthouse was reopened.

What a day – contemplation in the sun, photographic inspiration and a bit of local history to visit !

And the fish and chips for dinner in Waiuku was a treat too. 😉

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