Fantasy Triptych – September Progress

Here is the work in progress as of this morning.
The left-most tower is pretty much completed, and so is the neighbouring one. It’s not nearly the amount of progress I had wanted to make, but at least it is progress. I guess. 😐

Fantasy Triptych - September 2006 Progress

All up it is probably only a couple of hours worth of stitching and blending time which I figure I could do each week, but I seem to manage to distract myself with other things instead. You know, small things like work and sleep. 😛

So I have decided that September is the end of the excuses. No more updates claiming work or life getting in the way of a bit of stitching. I will publicly state that this time next month I will have managed to complete this section of the design (no not the entire castle – just this section on the chart) which should mean that another three and a half towers are complete. That should take the castle to being half finished in total.

Am I mad? At my current stitching speed – completely!

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Triptych – September Progress

  1. Thanks Nicole and welcome.

    If you are an efficient stitcher, and have the time to devote to it, I’m sure Fantasy Triptych would go much faster than it has for me.
    It is definitely a lovely piece of artwork, there’s no doubt about that. 🙂


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