Papamoa Beach

camera-2.png The weather was lovely yesterday afternoon, so on my way home from work I pulled over just before my turn-off and took the short walk to the beach.

This is what is at the end of the cul-de-sac I parked up in…

Beach entry

And walking over the dunes you get to see flowers like this…

Beach Flower II

Finally you get the view “north” to Mount Maunganui – yes the beach does stretch all the way to the Mount.
Looking North II

Then you get the view “south” and get some idea of just how darn long this white sand beach actually is.
Looking South II

I use the term north and south loosely, as I am not a girl guide and don’t actually carry a compass with me. I am guessing that north is more, or less, straight out to sea. But it orients you “up the coast” and “down the coast”.

Not too shabby, huh?

4 thoughts on “Papamoa Beach

  1. Very nice; I can see why folk like to retire at/near the Mount. I thought you lived and worked in AKL; took the long way home then, huh?

    Wouldn’t straight out to sea be east? Next time point the “12” on your watch at the sun, note the position of the hour hand; north lies halfway between these two points… I think, or maybe it locates the nearest public convenience.


  2. Nicole,
    We are pretty blessed to live on islands here, it means that you are only ever a few hours drive from a coastline somewhere. John’s always wanted to get a place by the water – maybe one day we’ll get there. In the meantime, we have to visit too.

    Hey – you know Auckland traffic – what’s 2.5 hours in a car? Not like some people I know who fall out their front door and can go anywhere in town within a few minutes. 😉
    I figured that out to sea would be roughly north-east, and if the sun ever comes out again I’ll try that pointing the 12 on the watch idea. First I need to get a watch; second, I need to make sure it’s not a digital. Hmm, public conveniences anyone?


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