Hearts and Family

I thought I would put a short note in here so that you don’t think I have disappeared into a Spring hibernation.

On the weekend just past my parents were on their way home from holiday in Fiji. On the flight to Auckland my Dad experienced chest pains, and on landing was taken to the local hospital for precautionary care. A heart attack being the obvious initial potential. Apparently this wasn’t the case, as there was no sign of an indicative protein in his blood tests, but the chest x-rays have a “shadow” that will shortly be investigated further with a CT scan. Angina is the current suspected culprit.

We will all know a little bit more next week after the scan has been completed. He is in no discomfort currently and has more tablets and sprays than most pharmacies.

As an obvious result of this, I have been busy with things other than writing this blog. And it turns out that life will be changing, irrespective of the scan results, as my Dad has decided it is time to retire. The regulars will know that we run the family business, so this change will have an impact on life for John and I. What and how is not quite clear, but the time frame starts now.

Anyway, just in case I don’t manage to sit in front of the computer as frequently as usual, I thought I would let you know why I may go a bit quiet for a while.

Hugs & best wishes to you all.

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