The travel bug is back

Aeroplane It’s almost summertime, and those pesky darn travel bugs just keep biting at me. They finally got a good big bite in, and as quick as you could blink I’d called my travel agent and I’m off on holiday from this weekend and returning a little over a week later.

Details for the curious:-

Destination: Singapore Singapore flag
Why: Where do I begin on this one?

Tick It’s warm.
Tick I love the ease of getting around.
Tick I know it from previous business trips.
Tick John’s already there. [Work, again!]
Tick The variety of cultures.
Tick The food.
Tick The calligraphy.
Tick The shopping. [Choices, not really the prices anymore]
Tick The heritage.
Tick The food.
Tick Oh, and did I mention… it’s warm there?

Gee, how tough a choice is that to make then? Not very!
And yes, you can probably expect a few movie reviews. It is a 10+ hour flight, I will need to watch at least one film to relieve the tedium. Hopefully they’ll have a selection of kid’s cartoon films again; they were much better than some of the dry adult offerings for entertainment value.

I might even manage a few photographs to share too as my dear mother has loaned me her recently purchased Olympus 725 SW digital snapper for the trip. Since that’s a bit of a step-up in megapixels from our old Canon, they might actually be worth sharing.
However, I offer no promises on the photograph front as I am under strict instructions that this is to be a “relaxing” holiday. Apparently I am not allowed to drag “he who should be obeyed, yet strangely enough is not” around every sight on the entire island. I really don’t see the problem with that myself.

Anyway, if there is something that you absolutely love about Singapore – and you feel that I must not have a holiday there without seeing it – please just leave a note for me in the comments.

The Singapore 2006 Travelogue will begin Monday 13th November.

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