The Wanderer Returns

AeroplaneHello all,

I thought that I had better put forth something on the blog or you might all make the assumption that the warm weather of Singapore had inspired me to stay forever.

We got back on Monday, and haven’t stopped since landing. We travelled to Tauranga to collect our boys from their holiday with Grandma and Grandpa, and then yesterday we made the same trip again but in this case to collect my Dad from his angioplasty operation in Hamilton.

Whirlwind. Yes, it has been a bit of one.

Singapore was as expected, with the exception of easy internet access. This would be why the blog has had a week of being an accomplished hermet.

The silence should end shortly, and all the observations I have accumulated will be sent forth to your RSS feedreaders in orderly succession. I even managed to take a few photographs, and yes, some of them are even worth sharing.

In between doing the following:

  • laundry;
  • cleaning the house;
  • mowing our new hayfield (the neglected back lawn);
  • buying a new refrigerator (old one is on its last legs – you know what I mean, like the wobbly marathon runner who really has hit the wall, gone through the other side and you can’t look away from because it is just too awful);
  • and most importantly – sleeping.

I promise to try to start my Singapore serial.

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