What’s On The Bookshelf? – V

Installment five begins with the large bookshelf. I’ll start easy on you, I’ll do the one shelf that is only a single book deep.

First Shelf, Large Bookcase

  • The Ludlam Triad
    • The Holcroft Covenant
    • The Matarese Circle
    • The Bourne Identity
  • The Grass Crown – Colleen McCullough
  • Gai-Jin – James Clavell
  • Food and Healing – Annemarie Colbin
  • Awaken the Giant Within – Anthony Robbins
  • The Biogenic Diet – Leslie Kenton
  • Leonardo, the First Scientist – Michael White
  • The Complete Winnie-the-Pooh – A.A.Milne
  • The Family Guide to Homeopathy – Dr Andrew Lockie
  • Triathlon – Erin Baker & John Hellemans
  • The First Emperor of China – Arthur Cotterell
  • The Prehistory of New Zealand – Janet Davidson
  • The Making of Mankind – Richard E. Leakey
  • A History of Rome – M.Cary and H.H.Scullard
  • People of the Earth: An Introduction to World Prehistory – Brian M. Fagan
  • Truckers – Terry Pratchett
  • The Ghosts of Sleath – James Herbert
  • Jack Higgins Omnibus
    • Confessional
    • A Prayer for the Dying
    • Day of Judgement
    • The Thousand Faces of Night
  • The Tao of Abundance – Laurenc G. Boldt
  • Atlas of Ancient Archaeology – Jacquetta Hawkes
  • The Complete Book of Massage – Clare Maxwell-Hudson
  • The Book of Pilates – Joyce Gavin
  • The evolution of Early Man
  • Hanyu for Beginning Students -Peter Chang, Alyce Mackerras & Yu Hsiu-Ching
  • Japanese flower arrangement: Ikebana – John March-Penney
  • Cerebral Mutterings (A collection of thoughts) – Lynn Steedman
  • Austin Healey Sprite, M.G.Midget 1958-1980 Parts catalogue
  • Oor Wullie
  • The Art of Gardening – Colin Hutchinson
  • The World’s Most Mysterious Places – Reader’s Digest
  • Practical guide to Home Landscaping – Reader’s Digest
  • The Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy, Massage and Yoga
  • The Make-it-Yourself Gift Book – Reader’s Digest
  • The Art and Science of Wine – James Halliday and Hugh Johnson
  • The Artist’s Way at Work – Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron and Catherine Allen
  • Stretching – Bob Anderson
  • Body Flex – Body Magic – Anja Langer with Bill Reynolds
  • Acadamie du Vin Wine Course – Steven Spurrier & Michel Dovaz
  • The Complete Illustrated Guide to Shiatsu – Elaine Liechti
  • Classic and Sportscar: M.G. File – Martin Buckley
  • Great Marques Poster Book: M.G. – Chris Harvey
  • The Classic M.G. – Richard Aspden
  • Fantastic Cocktails & Mixed Drinks – Family Circle
  • Gardening in a Small Space – Lance Hattatt
  • Car Repair Manual: M.G. Midget
  • M.G. The Book of the Car – Anders Ditlev Clausager

What this tells us is:

no matter how much I might like libraries, it would probably not be safe for me to be left in charge of the organizational layout of one!

It also tells us that I still have my very old university text books out on public display, mixed in along with my car books and manuals. It even indicates that I let my hippy/alternative persona out at the bookstore every once in a while.

And I can even boast my own little collection of words amongst the published tomes, courtesy of a dear husband who thought it would be a great gift to collect my Cerebral Muttering emails together in a bound edition.
Bless the man who knows his way to a bookbinder, it can do wonders for your ego.

On that note, I can issue the final warning – the next “What’s On The Bookshelf” will be a double depth marathon. Read it at your peril.

One thought on “What’s On The Bookshelf? – V

  1. I am jealous. I would love to be able to have all of my books on shelves, and accessible. But as it is, most of them are in storage. Banished until I can afford to move out of my parents’ house (again). Very sad.

    But yay for libraries!


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