Life changes

I’ve been absent for a couple of months, but that hasn’t meant a quiet life.
No, it hasn’t been work that has taken over the chunk of my life that had been otherwise devoted to self-indulgence in trying out the blog experience.
It is something smaller, but immensely more important.

And now that we are officially half-way to completion, it seems fair enough to mention on a public blog.

There will be a little Ohwailywaily joining the family, and I am hoping that there will be no living up to her Mum’s chosen nom de plume.

So if things remain a little quiet around here for a bit, you will at least know it is because big old life changes are happening that interfere with mere fun like this.

And maybe I will find enough interesting tidbits to set up a new category of entry, but I promise not to become a baby-bore !

3 thoughts on “Life changes

  1. A public mention deserves a public congratulations! Although, I must admit I thought you were talking about a child… not being quite sure what manner of creature an Ohwailywaily is.


  2. Congratulations! That’s fabulous news! The best reason not to be blogging. Although you really ought to make more of the opportunity of a whole new topic to blog about!


  3. Thanks Bruce.
    I think the Ohwailywaily is a small, scrunched faced beastie that makes a range of sounds including the fabled wail after which it is named. But I am hoping for a benign version. 😉

    Thanks Solnushka.
    It might be worth trying out YouTube again – as we are doing the 4d scan thingy-whatsit this afternoon.
    Depends on if Madame is co-operative or not, of course. Last time she managed a quick wave before bouncing off into a somersault. Maybe a little camera shy, or a show-off – not quite sure which.


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