Roosters, Goats and Pigs

No I am not talking about the barnyard, although it is understandable if you thought I was. I do have a question for you though.

Q. What do you get when you cross a rooster with a goat?
A. A pig

Now don’t think I’ve strolled off into the world of the white huggy jackets and padded rooms. I am in fact talking about the Chinese Zodiac.
No, I’m not big on horoscopes other than for the fun of reading my supposed characteristics. I don’t run my life based on the newspaper’s future predictions for the sign of the Bull (or if I could read the local Chinese newspapers, the sign of the Rooster).

But every now and then I like to take a look and have a laugh.
I thought I would share some family member’s characteristics.

Mrs Ohwailywaily is an Earth Rooster.
Mr Ohwailywaily is a Fire Goat (or Sheep).
Miss Ohwailywaily will be a Fire Pig.

So here is what you supposedly can expect us to be like.

Earth Rooster
The Earth Rooster epitomizes the very essence of one of Robert Browning’s most popular poems, “Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be.” Despite early adversity and rough times, their philosophical bent has led them to expect and therefore to achieve the good life. They have a very analytical way of looking at problems and they can pierce the most daunting of tasks with utmost efficiency. With saint-like patience, they are consistent in everything they do and always answer to their own counsel, which hasn’t failed them yet. As a result, their careers are forever anchored in smooth sailing, and as life passes, they will know peace, abundance, and complete fulfillment. The same goes for their love life. There are difficulties at the very beginning but as time goes by, they understand each other perfectly, and receive “the best” love has to offer.

Fire Lamb/Goat
Nary a cantankerous bone in the Fire Lamb’s body. Their lives are filled with laughter, giggles, and fun surprises. The Fire Lamb possesses an unusual combination of traits of the introvert and extrovert. Thoroughly enjoying their own company, they relish solitude but also thoroughly enjoy the companionship of others. They exude such warmth and energy, people naturally gravitate to them, while respecting their needs for privacy. Straightforward in all their dealings with people, Fire Lambs show sublime kindness because they know every person they meet is facing a difficult battle. Courageous under fire, Fire Lambs realize they need to make big changes to banish the many obstacles that stand in their way. For instance, they do not experience a smooth-sailing career. When something turns bad, Fire Lambs have to persevere to make turnarounds, and they do just that. Financial fortune peaks in middle age, but the Fire Lamb has to be careful to make that fortune last way into the autumn and winter of life, or else! But, oh my, do Fire Lambs ever experience good fortune when it comes to Love! Mama mia! Affectionate, loving, and passionate, they never part from their loved ones without loving words because they realize they might be their last. Every day is living poetry!

Fire Pig
Bold and adventurous, the captivating Fire Pig makes a big splash in living technicolor. This Pig is a Big Time Operator who makes things happen through his clever wit and well-rounded talents. They never rest on their laurels because they have an insatiable thirst for power. They know that once they sit still, someone will pass them by. Like the ultimate agricultural expert, Fire Pigs plan, plant the seeds, cultivate, and reap a big harvest, no matter what projects they pursue. They have every right to be proud as punch at having such a successful career and financial status. They can tumble, too — also big time, but they get right back up and try again. In the Hugs and Kisses Department, let’s just say that the Fire Pigs are really quite lucky! It’s true that they have to work pretty hard to get something in return, but oh my, don’t they receive big dividends. Lucky in love. Lucky in life.

So there is the Ohwailywaily family, courtesy of, feel free to see what the Chinese Zodiac says about you and report back.

4 thoughts on “Roosters, Goats and Pigs

  1. This is me:

    With Water Oxen you never have to sit around listening to boring lecturing and long-winded yada-yada. Through quiet self-assurance, they simply carry on with life, setting examples by deed, never by words. They make extraordinary leaders. They inspire others to do their best, through kind patience, knowing that even waiters finally come to those who wait. Realistic and open-minded about the foibles of others, they are rewarded with unexpected surprises when people turn around and show their best attributes. Tit for tat!. Their stable careers and “living right” give them the potential to be enormously wealthy, and they frequently are. For Oxen in general, love life is somewhat of a mystery, but immensely satisfying, interwoven very nicely with contrasts of quietude and passion, solitude and togetherness.

    Get that first line. I must admit I laughed like a drain.

    But this is nice, if a little cryptic: Oxen are unique, they are The Flower that bursts through the crack of cement.

    Sounds like your youngster will have a good time of it!


  2. Nice to hear that you are the inspirational bright spot in an otherwise grey concrete environment. I guess that’s why we read your blog. 🙂

    What worries me about junior-to-be being a Fire Pig is the phrase:
    “they have an insatiable thirst for power”.
    Hmm, what’s that I hear about tyrant toddlers?!?
    Maybe I should duck for cover now. 😉


  3. That is a bit alarming, actually.

    It’ll be when you find her reasrranging the family calander and your sock drawers that you know you are really in trouble though.


  4. Hey, if she can rearrange and tidy out the sock drawer, that’s fine by me.
    The only question is, how early do you think I can train her to fold and put away the laundry?


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