Noah’s Ark

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This is the latest project into my life (as though I didn’t have enough to be doing at the moment).
It is Teresa Wentzler’s Noah’s Ark.

I am hoping to alter it to become something of a birth sampler for Miss OhWailyWaily when she makes her debut appearance.
So far I have done this much of it…

Noah's Ark - 1 May 2007

And I keep thinking that I will have a few spare hours to spend on it, then find I have reading to do (schoolwork – yuk), an assignment to do, housework that needs to be addressed or some sleep to catch up on. And if I was to be brutally honest with you, about the only one of those alternative activities getting serious attention is the sleeping.

I guess there is always the idea that it can’t be finished until she actually arrives anyway. I think that excuse might get a bit of mileage over the next little while. I’ll keep you posted on progress or lack thereof.


  1. My goodness that is huge.
    This man clearly had far too much time on his hands.

    It is an amazing feat and helps bring a bit of scale and reality to the biblical description of the ark.
    Loved the life-size elephants in the background too.
    Thanks for the link Marc!


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