Tag…you’re it!

So I’m still running behind on this… sorry team.

I was tagged nearly a month ago (blush) by Solnushka and while I did read the post some time ago, I am only now getting around to playing the game.
Can I claim Baby Brain? Please?

Part One: Eight Random Things About Myself.

  1. I broke the toe next to my little toe, on my left foot, while on an archaeological excavation.
    That sounds glamorous until I explain that it was done reaching desperately for a toaster that was about to burn my breakfast while inadvertently jamming my toe in the leg one of those awful 1970’s wire legged chairs. And between you and me…the chair was always going to be the winner in that battle.
  2. I have a collection of Cherished Teddies figurines.
    Don’t ask me when this started, but it did. I do like teddy bears of all sorts, but I must insist that I don’t do “prissy”. I think I have two “prissy” figurines and they were gifts from other people. The rest are all themed like Andre, Barry, Bea, Cassandra, Danny, Humphrey, Icabod, Sullivan or Sherlock. Okay, now you can stop laughing !
  3. Once upon a time I merited a national ranking at badminton.
    At the tender age of 14 or 15 (it’s so long ago now) I was good enough to be ranked 5th in my age group for singles in New Zealand. Ah, I’m sure that I can hear the refrain from Bruce Springsteen’s Glory Days starting up in the background.
  4. I own, and have done so since I was 18, an MG Midget.
    She originally started out white, but we spent some (choke, choke) money on preventative restoration a few years ago, and decided that a small car on Auckland roads really needs all the help it can get with visibility. She is now the Yellow Peril.
    Strangely enough I have a small box of toy cars from my childhood (no Barbie dolls here thanks!), and one of them is an MG B-type. Guess what colour? Yellow and Black. Should I call in Dr Freud?
  5. I am a huge Jackie Chan fan and have been for many years.
    Thanks go to Nigel for introducing me to the Hong Kong martial arts movie scene. I have never really looked back. American action movies just don’t have the style, unless they have employed a Hong Kong choreographer. His early movies are quite twee, but you still can’t beat the skill, finesse and humour displayed while kicking, leaping, ducking, punching and generally doing things a pretzel would be proud of.
    He truly launched a modern martial arts version of Buster Keaton, and he is THE master of the genre.
  6. My favourite author is Terry Pratchett.
    Now I’m starting to get desperate for ideas. A short viewing of the next edition of “What’s on the Bookshelf?” will give that away in no uncertain terms, and so does this Blog title.
    Why do I like him? Well, why wouldn’t you? Spending a bit of time reading the Discworld series will give you an idea of the length and breadth of research and/or knowledge base he has generated in order to write so many books with so many “insider” jokes on a variety of topics.
  7. My midwife turns out to be the mother of someone I attended school with.
    To be accurate, I knew her son through playing badminton. He was in the year below me, but part of the same school team.
  8. I am a Mid-Day person.
    No night owl here, and certainly no lark either. If you have a suggestion for an appropriate bird to describe someone who functions best from 10 am through to 3 pm then let me know, because I am one of those. (And, no, I will not accept Seagull as an appropriate suggestion – the bird must be cute and endearing thank you !)

Part Two: Eight People To Tag.

Right, this is where the wheels really fall off.
Since I can count on two thumbs the number of real-live-in-the-flesh friends who have blogs that leaves me several people short of the 8 to tag.
The rest of my blog reading tends to the non-personal, so that comes up short too. Oh well, here are my nominees for the job at hand. Feel free to run screaming, or insist that chain-memes aren’t for you.

Bruce, if you haven’t already been mugged to do this, I nominate you.
Marc, because you are new to this blog thing I thought this might be some fodder for your writing if you have time, so I nominate you too.

Whew, duty completed. See you next entry.

5 thoughts on “Tag…you’re it!

  1. Love your car. My only consolation is that surely you don’t fit behind the wheel at the moment. *grins* Not long to go now, surely?

    I think T Prachett is great too. I like the witches books best. I definitely channel Magrat on occassion, though I aspire to be Granny Weatherwax.


  2. Thanks Sol.
    Yes, it is fair to say that the ability to pull my knees up to my chest in order to slip them gracefully under the huge steering wheel is somewhat hampered at the moment. I could probably be craned into the passenger side however. But I am sure Mr OhWaily would end up with a hernia trying to lever me back out again.

    It is just about 7 weeks and counting now, so we have made it to the final two months. Not long to go at all.

    As for TP, everyone should aspire to Granny Weatherwax… all that power, mwah hah hah. Personally I’d like to think of myself as Twoflower, but am probably more like Rincewind really.
    If you haven’t made the venture into his children’s books I can highly recommend The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents. Nicely written on two levels.


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