What’s On The Bookshelf? – VIII

We have reached our final installation of the What’s On The Bookshelf? series.

At least until I generate enough new books to fill another shelf. My guess is that I will move on to regaling you with tales of books of my childhood, which I scarily still have in a nice box stashed with all the other renovation boxes.

Either that or the next shelf or two may be filled with multiple Dr Seuss stories, and then what would you think of my literary taste? I guess we’ll wait and see if I can come up with a more interesting series than archaic kids books from the 1970s. Suggestions always welcome.

So here we go, the last installment:

  • Heretics of Dune – Frank Herbert
  • First King of Shannara – Terry Brooks
  • Rage of a Demon King – Raymond E. Feist
  • Chapter House Dune – Frank Herbert
  • Shards of a Broken Crown – Raymond E. Feist
  • Rise of a Merchant Prince – Raymond E. Feist
  • The Many-Coloured Land – Julian May
  • The Golden Torc – Julian May
  • The Nonborn King – Julian May
  • The Adversary – Julian May
  • Games of the Hangman – Victor O’Reilly
  • Petersburg – Emily Hanlon
  • Damia – Anne McCaffrey
  • The Unseen University Challenge – David Langford
  • A Brief History of Time – Stephen Hawking
  • Dune – Frank Herbert
  • Principle Centered Leadership – Stephen R. Covey
  • You Can Do It! – Iris Barrow
  • Introducing NLP – Joseph O’Connor & John Seymour
  • The MindMap Book – Tony Buzan
  • Use Your Head – Tony Buzan
  • NLP & Sports – Joseph O’Connor
  • Living Wicca – Scott Cunningham
  • The Wealth Creators – David Forman
  • Penguin Science Fiction – ed. Brian Aldiss
  • The Pollinators of Eden – John Boyd
  • Starship Traveller – Steve Jackson
  • Three Trumps Sounding – Dennis Schmidt
  • Cinderblock – Janine Ellen Young
  • The Circle and the Cross – Caiseal Mor
  • The Song of the Earth – Caiseal Mor
  • The Water of Life – Caiseal Mor
  • The Small Business Book – A New Zealand Guide – Robert Hamilton & John English
  • New Venture Creation – Jeffry A. Timmons
  • Pilates on the Ball – Colleen Craig
  • Ultimate Bodybuilding – Joe Weider & Bill Reynolds
  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare and Monty Python
  • 1980 Cor!! Comic Annual
  • The Beano Book 1979
  • Shiver and Shake Annual 1979
  • The Dandy Book 1977
  • The PreHistory of The Far Side – A 10th Anniversary Exhibit – Gary Larson
  • The Horse and His Boy – C.S.Lewis
  • Prince Caspian – C.S.Lewis
  • Winnie the Pooh – A.A.Milne
  • Town Mouse and Country Mouse – Barbara Hayes
  • The Read-it-Yourself storybook – ed. Leland Jacobs
  • The Prince in Waiting – John Christopher
  • Beyond the Burning Lands – John Christopher
  • The Sword of the Spirits – John Christopher
  • Enid Blyton Library
    • The Adventures of Pip
    • Tales of Long Ago
    • The Three Golliwogs
    • Toyland Tales
    • Happy Adventure Tales
    • Little Animal Stories
    • Fairyland Stories
    • Sleepyland Stories
    • Anytime Tales

And there ends the remaining shelves.
No, I didn’t sneak the kids books in as a taste-test, they just happen to be a few loose books that have lived on the top shelf for a great while now.
Many of the fiction books on this shelf reflects Mr OhWailyWaily’s taste and came with his library of books.

Final thoughts on my library?

  • Once I like an author, I really like an author.
  • I like fantasy, science fiction, and crime/mystery as genre preferences.
  • I have kept old textbooks.
  • I like to read up on business thought. (Go figure – see what I do for a living here.)
  • I like to read up on Buddhism, Taoism and the odd bit of Wicca for variety. (Given some more time I will work my way through the other major world religions and/or philosophies.)

And just for the record my current favourite fiction authors, in case it hasn’t been obvious, are:

  • Jane Austen
  • Terry Pratchett
  • Isaac Asimov (this probably wasn’t obvious, as I only own a book or two)

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