Photography: Renewal of a Hobby

Just a quick reminder that I have an online Flickr album and also another at Fotki, if you want to catch up with my photos.
Personally I quite like the Fotki album, but it doesn’t really have a nice and easy link into WordPress, so for the sidebar widget you will only be getting a taste of Flickr.

Please note that all my photographs are “raw”. No touch-ups or fiddle-arounds (except maybe the odd rotation). This is predominantly because I haven’t managed to get off my backside and find a good piece of editing software to use.
Suggestions for this are welcome.

The reason I am mentioning the albums is that my other half has reminded me that now I am to be a “lady of leisure”, I can start to take some time out for old, not really pursued to their fullest, hobbies. Photography being one of these “one day I’ll make an effort to get better at this” hobby.

He also made the valid point that we have very few decent family photographs – dogs, us, etc. So perhaps I could look at doing something about that too?

That means I am going to revisit my role as family photographer. This will entail working a bit harder at taking good photographs. i.e. Actually do some reading about how digital cameras work, try stuff out, take random photographs, maybe even invest in editing software.

Hmm. At least there will be a new arrival to practice on.

I know some of you who are reading this are pretty darn good at photography, so no laughing if I start to post the odd one or two images here, okay?! And, of course, constructive criticism is always welcome. I have a big hanky ready just for the purpose. 😉

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