Noah’s Ark – July Progress

As a result of now having more time for myself, at least for a little while, I have managed to spend a bit of it on getting Noah’s Ark a little closer to completion.

Here is a reminder of what it was like in May, and below is what it now looks like.

Noah's Ark - 1 August 2007

And for those who like to know these things, it is being stitched on 28 count Quaker Antique Ivory. I still have a week and a bit until due date, so I am toddling along with this. Obviously I can’t finish it until after Miss OhWaily arrives, as it is being stitched as a birth announcement for her. Hopefully I will finish the Ark section before she arrives, and then I can work my way through the animals while trying to figure out how best to add Miss OhWaily’s name, birth date and sundry other details (should it all fit).

3 thoughts on “Noah’s Ark – July Progress

  1. Hi there 🙂 Your Noah’s ark is beautiful! Do you think you will get much stitching time after baby arrives? I would be very interested in your ofp book, I will have to have a look for it 🙂 I had 3 completely natural births followed by a stubborn breech which ended up a c-section…. not fun! *hugs* Andie


  2. Hi Andie.

    Welcome to the blog.
    I’m a big fan of the colour blue, so it’s not hard for me to like this design, and especially the blues TW chose for the waves.
    As for stitching after the Miss is born, I am doubtful that I will have too much time, since there will be so much to learn and so much sleep to catch up on, but I am keeping it in reserve for any *me* moments I choose to take.

    The OFP book was really interesting and made perfect sense. Anything to make the process easier, I say. Now all I have to do is wait another week and see if all that sitting and lying have managed to pay any dividends at all. 🙂


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