Technology and Climate Change

I stumbled upon a rather nifty website last night and thought that it was worth sharing.

It is called Breathing Earth and it displays graphically and with statistics the carbon dioxide emissions made by each country. Thereby indicating who has, theoretically, the most impact on climate change. And just to round it out, the statistics also show the birth and death rates for each country too.

I thought it made for interesting viewing and reading. The statistics are naturally not 100% current, but it gives you an indication of what is going on in the world. It makes for interesting reading that there is a child born in China every 1.8 seconds. How many new humans have arrived on the planet in that country in the time it has taken you to read this blog entry?!

After you have visited Breathing Earth, take the time to do the quiz that the designer suggests at It may be most enlightening.
According to my result I hog the following resources:

Food – 2.2 hectares
Mobility – 1.6 hectares
Shelter – 1.7 hectares
Goods/Services – 2.5 hectares

And my total footprint is 8 hectares. And according to the website:

In comparison, the average ecological footprint in your country is 8.7 Global Hectares per person.
Worldwide, there exist 1.8 biologically productive global hectares per person.
If everyone lived like you, we would need 4.4 planets.

Whoops, greedy old me. 😦

I would really be interested in seeing what other people’s results on this ecological footprint is. If you do take the test, can you drop back and let me know your results? Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Technology and Climate Change

  1. Total footprint: 3.9. Average: 5.3. We need 2.2 planets to acommodate me.

    It’s lowish because we don’t drive I rekon. But highish because we don’t do anything else eco friendly. My sense of competitiveness (with a website quiz, Sol, really…) is nagging at me to get that down a bit further now.


  2. I’m picking that we’re high because we live in a house and not an apartment, public transport in this city sucks, and because we are at the end of the planet, we also have to spend some time flying places to do things.

    Strangely enough I wouldn’t have thought our food footprint would have been that high, since we are a primary produce nation. Go figure!

    Nice of you to not be as planet-hogging as us though ! 😉


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