Gastronomy: Wild Blackberry Cobbler

Yummy stuff this.

We have a new computer in the OhWaily household, and that has meant transfering all the usual suspects from the old to the new machine.
In my case, this also means a huge array of recipes gleaned through email groups over the years. I re-installed my MasterCook program on the new computer and began the laborious task of importing text recipes into a formatted program.

This may be laborious, but boy does it help to inspire you to step into the kitchen and try out all the wonderful things you are reading and copying from one format to another.

Last night we ventured in to the To-Be-Tried file and pulled out a dessert:
Wild Blackberry Cobbler.

As usual, we had the base ingredients, but not the specific berry. So we improvised.
I hope you take the time to try this out, with your own improvisations in the fruit department. Don’t forget the cream and/or ice cream to go with it though !


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