Miss OhWaily joins the Family

Just a quick note that Miss OhWaily joined our family on Friday 17th August, at 7:35am in the morning.

We have been having a week of getting to know each other, and have only just arrived home from the hospital/Birthcare yesterday afternoon.
When I get the hang of the eating and sleeping routines, I will try to stop by and bring you up to date.

In the meantime here is an early photograph of the young madam.

One Day Old

10 thoughts on “Miss OhWaily joins the Family

  1. Thank you all for your congratulations.
    We are very happy with our new addition.

    Bruce, she is indeed not Miss OhWaily 4Real, but then unlike those parents we did not seem to have any difficulty coming up with something terribly normal to fill a portion of the 100 characters (including spaces) allotted for registering a baby’s name. And as neither Mr OhWaily nor I are particularly part of the text generation, we did not feel the need to include a number either.

    I can here the world sighing now. Just where was our imagination when the registration form was handed out? (Safely stowed away, I say.)

    Sol, thank you for saying so. We are pleased. Everyone thinks their baby is beautiful I am sure. As the midwives at the hospital said… “every baby is beautiful, some are just a bit more beautiful than others.”

    Reed, thank you for your kind words. As it turns out, her eyebrows are rather wonderful. She is now putting them to good use with all of her funny expressions. I have added a particularly comical / sweet photograph of the said eyebrows in action to the Flickr album.


  2. Thank you Andie.
    Other than being a little tired and sore (all those muscles that worked hard over the past 9 months are letting me know about it), I am doing well. As are the other family members.

    Teuchter, I think very proud is an apt description. Doting would also apply, as would smitten and possibly even head-over-heels. 🙂


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