The Great Nappy Debate – Part One

This is a topic sure to bring the flamers out of the woodwork.

Reusable nappies vs Disposable nappies

In my very brief experience people don’t tend to be fence-sitters on this topic.

As I type this I am in the midst of my own assessment of what I think is the best option for the OhWaily family. Do I want the instant gratification of disposables or am I willing to put in the time with reusable nappies.
Hmm. There is quite a bit to consider in this debate.

  • Am I too lazy to wash every other day?
  • Will the weather be helpful or will I end up using the dryer all the time?
  • Do I want to add a few extra tons of baby poop and chemical crystals to the local landfill?
  • Will I have leakage issues if I choose reusables? Then again, disposables aren’t 100% foolproof either.
  • Are disposables more absorbant? Therefore should I use them on the longer overnight sleeps?
  • Will reusables promote nappy rash because the moisture isn’t “drawn away” from baby’s skin?
  • Will it be easier to toilet train a baby who wears reusable nappies?
  • Will it be sensible to use them in a half-and-half system?

And last, but not least, in my considerations:

  • What the hell are the chemicals in those magic crystals that absorb all those bodily fluids?
    • Where can I find out about them?
    • How do I know they are safe for long-term use? And just who would have let their kids be the experiment for proving they are safe?

Are you a parent who has made this choice?
Do you have an opinion? What is it? Why do you hold that opinion?
Do you have links to resources helping parents make this choice?

If so, please leave a comment with the details and then stick around as I work through making this choice for Miss OhWaily.

2 thoughts on “The Great Nappy Debate – Part One

  1. Hi 🙂 How are you going? Sounds like you are now having an interesting internal debate 🙂 There are lots of ways around issues like leaking of reusable nappies at night etc (use pockets and stuff them with extra absorbent stuff) make sure they fit right and they shouldn’t leak 🙂 If you go to and click on why use cloth, you will get answers to questions that will scare you silly about using disposibles on your baby, but as always, these things come down to personal choice 🙂 Good luck thinking it through 🙂 If you want anymore resource links to different nappy shops send me an e-mail *hugs*


  2. Hi Andie,
    Thanks for the link.
    I had already bookmarked quite a few alternatives before Madam joined us. Now I am trialling a few to see how they go, and whether she and I can live happily with them. It is bound to make for interesting times.
    And as you say, some of the information certainly makes you hair stand on end.


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