This is just a quick note to say that the Oh Waily Waily blog will be in partial hiatus for the next 3 or 4 weeks.

We are finally getting the renovation of our house started this week, and as every room in the main part of the house is going to have some work carried out on it, we are moving out to allow the builders unfettered access. We are hoping this will speed the process up by a week or so. We are packing up the house and are moving to Tauranga and staying with my parents from Wednesday this week.

Naturally this is a double edged sword.
On the positive side:

  • Access to Sky TV and, most importantly, the Food Channel. 😉
  • A modern, warm home.
  • A two minute drive to the wonderful beaches of the Bay of Plenty.
  • Time for Grandparents to spend with Miss OhWaily.
  • Extra hands to help with Miss OhWaily should she turn into the Grouch Monster. See above point.
  • A bit of time away from the Auckland office for Mr OhWaily – which will probably do him wonders.

On the negative side:

  • Not being on the spot during the renovation to keep an eye on progress.
  • Dial-up internet access.

As you can tell, it will be the dial up internet that will be causing most of the hiatus. Don’t worry, I will return. I will have comments to make on life in Tauranga, renovations, small babies and life in general.

By way of preview, here are some of the things that I am planning to do while away.

  • Working on my woeful fitness level. (More on this as I figure it out.)
  • Working on Noah’s Ark for Miss OhWaily’s birth announcement.
  • Cheer on the All Blacks at the World Cup.

I figure that I will be pretty busy if I attempt to cram those things in between feeding, changing, playing with, and listening to the crying of Miss OhWaily. Whether I will be able to add writing about them to my To Do list is yet to be seen.

So, as I go into my break away from decent internet technology and in deference to the fact that the 2007 Rugby World Cup is being played in France, until my next broadband access…

À bientôt !

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