The Spam Has Overtaken Me

Hello from Papamoa.

I was just dropping in briefly this morning to check on things and guess what I see on my statistics page?

Akismet is outdoing my visitor numbers !!
I’m in two minds about this.

  • Should I be depressed about the visitor numbers


  • Should I be indignant about the amount of spam comment attempts.

Choices, choices.

I think I will put a foot in the anti-spam camp and say that I am pretty indignant about the amount of wasted time and bandwith these people use up. And I am also very happy to have Akismet doing all of the hard work for me. I can’t imagine how much effort it must take to filter all this rubbish out if you are running your own blog and spam filtering.

Anyway, that’s my bleat for the month. đŸ™‚

P.S. The renovations are going full steam ahead. Walls are missing, old fireplaces exposed and then removed, framing for the new walls erected, french doors removed and in the biggest single change so far the entire kitchen, bathroom and laundry lean-to has been officially knocked down. We took some random (and probably dodgy) photographs before leaving the building last Wednesday, so once we are home and broadband happy I will see what they are like and maybe share a before, during and after series with you all.

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