The Blogathon begins…

This morning, while reading my regular feeds, I found out that November is NaBloPoMo. (Thanks Aphra)
For those, like me, who haven’t come across this before it is
National Blog Post Month. The premise is that you blog every day during November.

Now I know that I can yak for New Zealand, but could I blog that consistently as well? This would be a bit of a trial I felt. Even at my bloggiest I think I have managed maybe two or three entries a week over a month. To put forth enough entries to cover 30 days seemed to be a stretch too far. But I thought I would rise to the challenge, belatedly by one day, and give it my best shot over the next four weeks. I have signed up here for the challenge.

My constraints are:

  1. I usually compose and edit my entries online at home – broadband being the wonderful thing that it is. For the next week or so I will be restricted to dial-up so I have to alter my blogging behaviour with offline writing and editing. I’m sure it isn’t as scary as it sounds – especially since I am doing it as I write this. In truth my inner perfectionist will insist on one final edit (or dozen) once I copy this all to the blog, so perhaps it won’t be a cold turkey moment after all.
  2. My life currently revolves around a baby and doing laundry. That does not make a huge scope for blogging. I’m sure that my regular readers will not want to know about how cute my baby’s smile is for four blog entries in a row, and neither will they want to know the status of her latest nappy or how many loads of laundry I am now putting through in a week. So while Miss O and life with her may make the odd appearance, I am hopeful of finding other things to write about too.
  3. As Miss O is my time-keeper these days it means that I will not have the leisure to dither about in front of the computer as long as I would like or normally take. Perhaps I shouldn’t see this so much as a constraint, but rather a kick in the pants for my Inner Perfectionist to get a move on with her need to edit, re-edit and re-edit yet again. At some point a wailing child will put a halt to her need to fiddle endlessly. Yes, this could be a positive thing I feel.

Right. That’s me then. I will see you all here again tomorrow, with the first “real” instalment for the month. Oh my, now I need to go away and think about what I could possibly have to say…


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