Renovations – II

Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to update you with today. When we arrived to take a brief look through the house this morning the floor sanders had just finished the last coat of polish, so there was no way to go into the house for snaps. I will take a look and see if we have any from Mr O’s visits over the past couple of weeks that give you some idea of the changes.

At lunchtime today however, we met the builder and kitchen manufacturer to nail down the design and colours and materials, etc. We are being exceedingly boring and staying with the neutral theme as much as possible. We are having colours called espresso and oyster for the cabinets. And get this… we are having a feature wall in our kitchen! I didn’t know there was such a thing, but a couple of Trends magazine issues later and we figured this would be a good way to break up the design a bit so it won’t be too bland and boring.
But the thing that will be Mr O’s pride and joy (and bane of his life I suspect) is the funky 2.5 metre wide, 750mm high, bright red glass splashback that will be going across the wall behind our stove. No doubt it will make for cleaning nightmares, but he was keen on it and it is primarily his domain so I wasn’t about to argue too hard.

I can also tell you that we are planning to move into the body of the house next Wednesday, all being well. And that should mean a return to broadband access, and easier blogging for me too. In the meantime, see you all tomorrow.

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