Do you have an issue?

If you have an issue you would like to share with the world in general or your local MP, you might be interested in visiting mySociety and their sites:

Now, most of these sites are specifically for the United Kingdom, but you can set up or support pledges at PledgeBank for your own country of origin. Currently all of the pledges for New Zealand have been met, and I can’t think of anything I’d like to start rolling. If you have any suggestions for a pledge, leave a comment, and I may have a go at this.

If you aren’t feeling the need to bring issues to the attention of your local MP, or community, but perhaps need to keep yourself in line with regards to a promise you have made, then the mySociety folks have created a website you might like to look at. It is the HassleMe website, an online nagging service that you set up for yourself. It’s true. You can become your own mother.
I am about to try it out this week so I’ll let you know if the hassle did it’s job, and how well it did it.

Happy nagging everyone!

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