Renovation – III

I have trawled through the photographs that I have so far and have come up with some images of work in progress.

This is our old bedroom looking through where the fireplace used to be. On the other side is the Old Living room, where the ornamental fireplace used to be. All gone. New walls are now in their place.

Bedroom Two

Here is a photograph of Bedroom One. It’s taken from the doorway, but if you look at the first Renovation entry you will see that the fireplace against this wall (and the ratty old cupboard/closet with louvre door) is missing from this photograph.

New Wall and closets in Bedroom One

These are progress photographs of the old study/single bedroom that is transforming itself into our new bathroom. Currently the neighbours have a nice view in the window, but that will soon be rectified with a carport and a new discrete glass window.
Bathroom In Progress

New Bathroom from Doorway

And our final photograph for this entry is the backyard. Those of you who are familiar with our home will recognise the absence of large wooden deck, planters, etc. Oh, and also the rather large L-shaped lean-to that once housed our kitchen and dining room, as well as our bathroom and laundry.
Backyard after Demolition

Yes. We did embark on rather extensive renovations right around the time the baby was due. In fairness we thought the council would be somewhat quicker in allowing the building permit, but then we can be very naive and optimistic about some things. Lesson learned.

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