Miss O in photographs

I have just added a whole load more photographs of Miss O to her grandparent’s computer, so I thought I would share a few with you. Thank goodness for digital cameras. If I had to process the number of photographs that we have taken over the last three months we would be bankrupt. It also helps when you can keep snapping away in an effort to get not only the elusive smile, but also the relative stillness required for your cute baby shots.

So, here are a few thumbnails for you to take a look through. As usual, just click on the photograph if you want to go to Flickr and see it in different sizes.

Photograph 1: 12 weeks old and a smile for the camera.

12 weeks old

Photograph 2: Trees Need Thought

That Tree Needs A Lot Of Thought
Outside the window is a small Kowhai tree. In the breeze its graceful movement attracts her attention whenever she is in the living room. It looks like it requires a lot of thought this watching a tree in the breeze.

Photograph 3: The Hat to end all Hats

The Hat
This hat is something of a faux pas on my part. Mr O and I were in town on our own and spotted this hat. Upon closer inspection I insisted that the XXS would be too small for Miss O, whereas Mr O insisted that the XS would be too huge for her. It is now the running joke that I don’t even know my own daughter’s head size. Here we see Miss O wearing it in the turned-up style (in order to see and be seen). She’ll grow into it…

…maybe by next summer. 😯

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