Today I was stumped. I didn’t have anything to write about.
Novelty does not picture very big in my life at the moment, but as I thought about it some more it occured to me that I did have something to write about.

About a week ago I was contacted by someone I haven’t seen or spoken with in nearly twenty years. Ouch, did I say twenty? Anyway, it was a very pleasant surprise because for some time now I have been thinking about a number of people I went to school with and wondering what they are doing with their lives. My surprise correspondent was one of them.

My interest in what my old school mates were doing with their lives stems back to almost exactly two years ago and was the subject of my third ever blog posting. It was called The oddness of dreams… and was originally posted on my old blog at Blogspot. It is nice to be slowly working my way through my mental list of folk I would like to catch up with. What was also nice about catching up with Dave is finding out that he is a great photographer and he kindly pointed me to his Flickr stream.

He has something in the order of 1500+ photographs online here, and to give you some idea of why I wanted to share this link I have chosen a sample of my favourites so far.

water on the beak…
black & white – take the time to look at the on black version of this, but not if you have an aversion to insects
070707- eyespy – I love the eye colour here, very striking.
attack of the mutant dragon flys…
how many people fit in those boats? – Ooo, ask me. I know this one. Ooo. Ooo. Ooo.

Okay, so that is enough shameless promotion of friends and associates for one day. Enjoy your browsing, as I’m sure you will end up doing.
See you all tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Lynn, thanks for the awesome write and and pointers to my photos. Glad to see the home is coming along nicely and ‘Miss Oh Waily’ looks to be doing great, again, Congratulations to the both of you 🙂


  2. Hey, no problem at all.
    Yes, the renovations are moving along. I’ll probably upload new photographs this weekend and do another installment in the blog series.
    And the little Miss is due her 17 week photos today, so they may appear over the weekend too – time permitting.


  3. Nice – I like the neutral paint colour you chose for the house 🙂 I take it from your comments in the post above that you went on a cruise? Where did you end up going? As you can see from my flickr account we did a short weekend cruise to Ensenada, Mexico.


  4. Yes, when we purchased the house a decade ago it was an 80s pink and mauve combination. Very unattractive, it was the first thing to go. We went a grey green, cream and red. But that wears on you too, so we decided to go as neutral as we could this time hence the grey and cream with grey-blue door and roof. Hopefully it won’t look dated as quickly.

    Unfortunately, no, we haven’t been on a cruise. We have been on Legend of the Seas for breakfast while she was here in Auckland a few years ago, but not for a holiday. Our family SME is marine safety. So the lifeboats are familiar to me. The Viking brand of liferaft in your photo “double rows” is our primary agency. Those liferafts hold 25 people, on page 6 of my Flickr I have a photo of me in front of a 100 person liferaft as scale.

    Did you enjoy the cruise?


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