Amazing Cake Decorating

I wasn’t going to do a blog entry today.
Life was mundane and apart from emptying some more boxes there really wasn’t much going on that I felt the need to talk about.

Then I sat at the computer and Stumbled a few sites. Oh boy did I hit the jackpot.

  • Are you on a diet?
  • Do you have a special event coming up?
  • Do you just love the most amazing cakes?

You think you’ve seen some pretty amazing cakes in your time. I thought I had.
No way. No how.

This is the most amazing cake decorating I have ever seen in my life.
I’m scared to ask how much they cost, but I really know that I want one of this guy’s cakes. Really. Truly.

So, without further delay… click over to Mike’s Amazing Cakes and take a look through their gallery.
Just scroll down and turn off the music, it becomes really annoying.

Then report back here with your favourites.

For the record mine are:

The Most Insane Cake Ever Built: The Tyrannosaurus Rex cake
The Quirkiest Cake: The Lopsided Wedding cake (4 rows down on the right – Wedding Cake section)
The Coolest Cake: The Pillows and Crown Wedding cake (6 rows down on the right – Wedding Cake section)

Although I struggle to get past the Knight, the Rooster and the Globe on the opening menu page.

Yes, it’s official. I am blown away by these designs.

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