Renovation – V

Our home is coming together in a slightly more rapid manner now, for which we are very grateful. Soon we will no longer be serenading Miss Oh Waily to sleep with digger noises and bandsaw songs.

Progress made today:

  • The weather boards have been completed on all sides of the new extension.
  • The electrician has pulled cables for the lighting of the extension.
  • The side garden (down the driveway) has been removed totally.
  • The back garden has been dug down to the level of the patio.
    • This leaves a raised bed along the back fence.
  • Over the weekend the painters completed the roof colour.

And here are some photographs that I took a day or so ago.


This is part of the new extension. Mr O can be seen measuring out the distance for his birthday present’s cables. (His lovely wife – me – purchased a home theatre system for his upcoming “big” birthday.) Men and tape measures, they seem made to go together. You can also see that our dogs are not the least bit interested in such excitement and that our roof had not yet been newly painted.

From the fence

This next photograph is of the inside of the new extension, facing the area that will eventually be our kitchen. Benny kindly stood there for scale.

Roofed In - I

Then there is the view from approximately the kitchen sink to the sitting area, and on the far left, the new doorway to be.

Roofed In - II

And a view down the side of the house, the scruffy old garden to the left is now gone entirely. It’s a shame about the roses, but they weren’t being looked after and were pretty in spite of us rather than because of us. The nasty red-brown fence that has been falling to bits almost since we moved in will also be going during this mayhem of renovation. The fence man wasn’t able to promise us a before-Christmas job, but after 10+ years of living with it, I told him that a few more weeks wasn’t really a problem.

Driveway view

And finally, a view of the front of the house so you can see the new colour. No longer that green with a hint of grey, we have gone grey with no real hint of green. Much nicer I think. And if you are wondering about the bizarre coloured curtains in the windows to the right, please refer to my earlier entry and bleat about builders called We are home in which I detail one of the rather annoying things that have happened during this epic building project. (Not that it is large-scale, just that it seems to take on all the tragedy and comedy of an epic.)

New Paint Job

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