Miss Oh Waily on a roll

At about 8:30am this morning (5 December 2007) Miss Oh Waily rolled over from her back to her front.

We were going to do tummy time on the bed and while she was doing her usual back arching and kicking out with her feet she managed to get herself more or less on to her tummy. Then she managed to turn her head enough that it lifted off the bed. This gave the momentum needed to make it all the way to her tummy properly.

I was so excited that I gave her a huge hug and was going “Yay” “Yay” “Clever girl” all over the place. After a few moments of hugging mayhem I let her roll into me (I was lying beside her on the bed) and gave her a big cuddle. Then I put her on her back, a little way away from me and encouraged her to do it again, which she promptly did. It took her some effort to do it, but she had a determined look on her face and she managed it after a minute of wriggling and thinking and wriggling again. This time she couldn’t control the momentum and she ended up rolling right onto her back again (and directly into a cuddle with me), but she managed to roll from back to front to back in one go.

We tried for a third time, but the effort was getting a bit much. In the end she started getting a bit frustrated, so I gently held her hip forward a bit and that was enough for her to get momentum to turn on her tummy. So, she got a slight assist on her third go. Considering she has needed to be gently pushed or pulled over on to her tummy, even this small assist is nothing.

Fan-darn-tastic. Really and truly fantastic. Now we have to watch out. She has been doing little snake crawls on the bed over the past week and it can’t be too long before she gets the hang of the crawling too. I figure it’ll be a month at the most. But then, I thought she would be much quicker rolling over than she has been, simply because she started to practice 6 weeks or so ago. In fairness, it has only been this last week or two that she has looked seriously strong enough to manage to turn over, so the crawling thing is probably 6 weeks away at the minimum. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Ah the small things in life. It’s enough to start the day with a big smile.
My clever little girl. πŸ˜€

This has been a Proud Mum Button post.

2 thoughts on “Miss Oh Waily on a roll

  1. Well Done, Miss OhWaily!

    Isn’t it great to have this medium in which to document such ‘milestones’. I wish it had been around when my three were growing up.

    I do remember the first time No1` managed to roll onto her tummy. I’d left her on her back on the changing mat while I went to put something in the bin. when I returned a minute later, she’d not only managed to roll over – but she’d poo’ed and rolled in that!

    I think crawling and rolling must be much easier for modern babies; they don’t have the bulky terry nappy to contend with.

    Oh dear – I seemed to have started down memory lane. Now I’m recalling the time we managed to lose No3 in the house. J thought he was with me at the back of the house and I though he was with his father in the front.
    We eventually found him upstairs, sitting in his sisters’ bedroom, eating Lego. We hadn’t been aware that he could actually crawl upstairs – and goodness knows how he managed it without falling.


  2. Thanks Teuchter. Miss Oh Waily seems mighty pleased with herself.

    I loved your stories. Fantastic. Messy. But funny.
    The thing is – is there any nutritional value in Lego?

    As for modern nappies, we went the resuable mode which is anything but slimline. She almost needs to wear the next size up in clothes just to fit around her bum. πŸ™‚
    We’re just waiting for the crawling to begin now. All the actions are starting to get a warm-up. Now that is scary stuff.


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