Things to Live By

A few weeks ago I was having an insomnia moment, and was sitting up trying not to disturb those members of the Oh Waily family who happily go to bed, fall asleep and snore loudly. Don’t duck – you know who you are!

I was sitting and thinking about life, the universe and everything else, as you do when your brain refuses to shutdown for the night. When I got to the section on life my mind began to come up with all of these ideas of what my life should be driven by. This isn’t that unusual for me anymore. Since becoming a new Mum I’ve had quite a few moments of contemplation on the Meaning of Life (no Pythons, thanks).

It struck me after the first couple of ideas that maybe I should be taking notes on these midnight musings, so I got pen and paper out and wrote down what came to mind. I’m not sure if the order is important or if it is simply a chain reaction, starting with the first idea knocking out the second and so forth down the list. If you’re a psychotherapist feel free to tell me what my meanderings in the middle of the night mean. I’m not scared to hear your opinion. Honest. No. Really.

So here they are. If you have a similar sort of list, feel free to leave a comment exposing your inner soul. 😉

Star Bullet Dream BIG
Star Bullet Take Action
Star Bullet Be a Leader
Star Bullet Be an Example
Star Bullet Be Graceful
Star Bullet Don’t Give Up or Give In
Star Bullet Love Yourself
Star Bullet Have Fun
Star Bullet Be Grateful
Star Bullet Do Good
Star Bullet Help Others

11 thoughts on “Things to Live By

  1. when your brain refuses to shutdown for the night

    That happens to you too huh?

    A pretty idealistic list my friend. If only I knew how to translate such lofty aims to new employment—tomorrow being the last day of my former career. They seem like reasonable things to keep in mind ‘tho as I search for a meaningful alternative… I’d like a job that’s a tad more fulfilling than “Be able to eat”.


  2. Bruce,
    Yes, I have had the regular misfortune of the broken “shutdown button”. It’s one of those intermittent faults.

    The list is idealistic, but I guess Dream BIG would account for that. 🙂

    Have you thought about taking up full-time writing? Apparently people make money at that. Even in the blog world.
    It could get a little lonely, I suppose, and publishers’ rejections could be a bit of a downer, but then every job has its drawbacks.
    Maybe you could resurrect the “Owner’s Manual for Human Beings”. I still like that idea. Perhaps a version for children.

    Do you have any firm ideas about what you would like to do? (Other than provide money to eat, and buy cat food, of course.)


  3. Howdy Bruce – I didn’t realize you were about to change career’s – I’ll join in asking what you’ve thought about doing next 🙂

    By the way – I started the ‘Colenso Society’ club on – you can find it on my profile and join it too – then we’ll have to ping some others – like Veronica and Catherine who I think I’ve seen on there.


  4. @ OWW: I think someone’s already done the owner’s manual thing. OMG the cat food yes… I’ll need an evening job too. No firm ideas, no, but it will likely involve a keyboard.

    @ Dave: Informatics/ IT is pretty vague, but that’s the probable direction. Short term is unclear; I actually applied for a job selling Macs at a shopping mall. Not exactly “thinking BIG” but it is “taking action” and my enthusiasm for said products is infectious. Well done on choosing WordPress; bookmarked and subscribed. Let the content flow 😉


  5. Dave,
    You’re in my feed reader now. I’m looking forward to reading all about life in California.
    I like the theme you’ve chosen it looks good with the photographs. 🙂
    Welcome aboard.


  6. Thanks Lynn – regarding the theme – I chose it to match the photo of the Mojave, rather than finding a theme and then picking a photo to match it.

    For some reason the desert photo just felt right for the blog efforts I am going to make – some time’s beautiful, some times chilling, some times barren, but most of the time, just there. Did that make sense? Anyway something in that shot just struck a chord with me and telling the tales that will make up the blog if I manage to keep it up.

    It really was yourself and Bruce that tipped me into venturing forward with this effort – fingers crossed I can make it work 🙂


  7. The thing about blogs is that they always work.
    You may not have readership in the tens of thousands, at least at the start; you may have weeks where life interferes with blogging, but still it reflects your life.
    And with your photography I am sure you will always have something to write about should the muse take a vacation on you.
    I’m really looking forward to reading it. 🙂


  8. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Funny you should mention my photography – my aim is to try and find an image from my flickr stream for all posts 😉

    Unfortunately I didn’t have anything suitable for the Firefox post, but flickr gave the nice fox image I used 🙂


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