For Cat Lovers and Bloggers Everywhere

Are you a cat lover?
Are you a blogger?

If so, this guest post by Tony Clark over at Lorelle on WordPress should bring a smile to your face on a Monday morning.

Oh Waily is primarily a House CAT, with the odd foray into being a CAT-alyst. Hopefully it’s not too much of a CAT scan though.

I’ve also come up with some other CAT-agories for you to consider:

CAT-o-nine-tails: a blog that deserves a flogging for terrible writing.
CAT-amount: wild and fierce, blogs that rant.
CAT-erpillar: slow starter, but blossoms into a great read.
CAT-aphract: an armoured blog that doesn’t let you get to know the blogger behind the writing.
CAT-ullus: a romantic and poetical blog.
CAT-o: the political blog.

What Kind of Cat are You?

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