Renovation – VI

The work on the house continues. It is finally hitting the speed of a rolling snowball from the movies.
We now have the guts of a carport. Our kitchen is almost totally installed, as of today. We now have a proper hallway door, it is just waiting for the glazier to come back with safety glass for the two glass panels. We also have our new “back door” installed and I have a set of keys for it. The pergola is starting to look like a real structure too.

What’s still to be done:

Tool button the kitchen and dining area tiling
Tool button the living room area carpeting
Tool button the carport (concreting & roofing)
Tool button the pergola
Tool button the final electrical bits and pieces
Tool button the final plumbing bits and pieces
Tool button the final bits of painting and finishing
Tool button the clean-up
Tool button the fixing of anything that isn’t up to scratch (don’t get me started on this one)

and probably a bunch of other stuff that I have forgotten about.

Here are photographs from the end of last week.

Carport skeleton
The skeleton carport.

Patio without Pergola
The patio without pergola.

Partly Installed kitchen
The partly installed kitchen.

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