Children & Cultural References

Is it just me, or do all Mums come up with pet names or silly phrases when talking with and about their children? I am asking because it appears that I have been doing this. In my case I seem to be merging several popular cultural references into my daily language but altered specifically for use with my daughter.
17 weeks in Pink

At dinner times she is frequently referred to as The Milky Faced Kid, due to her somewhat distractable nature and messy eating habits.
The Cultural Reference will be familiar to those with a penchant for white chocolate.

Then there is my enjoyment of things science fiction with the grumpy and crabbit child. There are times when she approaches Whinge Factor 9.
The Cultural Reference is obvious to Trekkies everywhere.

And as she has moved on developmentally into the stage of bubbling, she has become The Phantom Raspberry Blower. No disrespect to the Two Ronnies or Spike Milligan intended.

So, am I alone or are there others of you out there with stories to tell? ‘Fess up.

One thought on “Children & Cultural References

  1. Thanks for the uplifting post – and, no, I don’t think you are the only one that does it 🙂

    Man – mentioning the Two Ronnies made me realise how old I am! hehe 😉


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